Testimonials after working with Skip as a Leadership/Business Coach

“I just had Skip in to do another training session with my Management Team which consists of 52 individuals in a variety of leadership positions. The session was simply FANTASTIC!!! I have only heard raving reviews. Several members of the team are long-term employees – they have 20 to 25 years with the company – and they said, it was by far the best training we have provided them yet! Thanks Skip!”

Theresa Shave – Executive Director, Living Alternatives for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. – Battle Creek, Michigan

“Skip Lackey’s 3 month Praxis Business Coaching Program has been a wonderful help for me while growing my small business. I’ve most appreciated how Skip both works with the boots on the ground, project level — What work am I actually committing to get done? — And the higher strategic and emotional level — Why am I running this business? What kind of life do I desire? What kind of impact do I desire to have in the world?…

Working with Skip is great because he has a vested interest in my business, as well as me as a person, and my life. He really cares. He is creative, driven, generous, and kind. He does what he says he will do and keeps his word. I highly recommend Skip Lackey and the Praxis Project for a business owner who desires greater effectiveness in business development and greater harmony between work life and personal psychology and emotion.”

Ross Meyer – Founder Move Well Personal Re-Training, Boulder CO (in just 3 months his schedule for private clients was full & had a waiting list)

What Skip brought to me and my Interior Design company was the ability to shine fresh light on my short and long term plans.  He asked questions that made me look at things differently because I had been so close to the same questions for so long.  Shirfting focus slightly and making subtle changes rather than the the large sweeping ones was my – Aha Moment! It’s amazing to me how easy it was to make the needed changes and have it turn into more profitability once working with Skip.

Laura Hodgson – Owner – Haven Interiors, Boulder CO (after just 3 months of coaching – She had 100% growth in Q1 of this year VS. Q1 of last year)

“Skip Lackey has the charm of a movie star and the heart of a swami. I tried to plant my doubts on him, but they just wouldn’t stick. Skip’s application of history’s wisdom held me in my seat.”

Jason Love – Journalist/Talk Show Host/Comedian – Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been around a lot of people teaching leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills over the years and it’s rare to find someone that has the depth of knowledge, passion and pure understanding on a subject matter… there are very few people that are even in the same league as Skip Lackey.  I can take this back and apply all of this to my personal and professional life and also the work that I do with other people have been enhanced by what I have learned. I encourage anyone thinking about working with Skip… come and learn from the master!

Jeff Perlis – Real Estate Agent and Developer – Big Bear Lake, CA

I just got done doing some amazing work with Skip Lackey.  First of all, what an amazing human being he is… and secondly, he has helped me with all these things that I’ve been trying to uncover in my life – attention points and blocks that I’ve had.  Being the owner of multiple business’s, I’m sure that these skills are going to help increase exponential growth and help with everything that we are doing.  I’m grateful for Skip and everything he is and all that he has helped me with.  Thanks Skip!

Justin Morales – Entrepreneur, Fort Collins CO

“I would not be where I am today, were it not for who you are. Hearing your presentation that first snowy night in Ottawa, as you made us laugh and cry with your great humor, authenticity and big heart, was what opened me up and kept me engaged thereafter. It brings to mind what I have always known deep in my heart – it’s not the medium, tools, or “expertise” which facilitate our healing so much as the space created, around and within the humble heart of the holder, and with the vision held of us that we ourselves have not yet experienced. This is what transforms lives; you Skip, are that and more.”

Colette Conheady – Licensed Therapist – Ottawa ON, Canada

“Skip has made a remarkable impact on and in my life, and I will always be VERY grateful for everything that he’s taught me and brought out in me.”

Kiran Asher., – Entrepreneur/Business Owner – Seattle, WA

“The insights and understandings that I acquired over these last 3 and ½ years created a lot of clarity on why I do what I do and how I do it.  It has enabled me to be more effective as a person (both in leader and follower roles), to communicate more clearly and work in the absence of limiting beliefs and blocks that affected me negatively in the past.  It has also enabled me to help others by sharing the learning and helping them through their challenges.  Being more open and approachable, others now come to me more readily for help, which I am very happy to give and feel well equipped to provide.  I feel more of an openness now that I did not fully experience before and it certainly enhanced my ability to communicate.”

Colonel (ret) J.A.A. Diening, OMM, CD, B. Eng, P. Eng – Ontario Canada

“It’s also needed in our homes and communities”

I would like to talk about one of the greatest gifts that I received from attending the leadership programs. That is the gift of being able to speak to others from that “place of truth”. Because of the first Module, I find that not only can I access my truth and speak from my Heart — I find now, that I am also LIVING from that place. It has affected all of my relationships positively!!!  A friend who attended a recent talk commented on how she had never seen me speak so “authentically” before.  And she is right!  I AM communicating differently. And MORE importantly I’m finding that I’m communicating more effectively with my children too.

It has been my experience that leaders/leadership is not only needed in the corporate world, it is also needed in our homes and our communities. I took the program thinking it would help me with our families trucking business…. Ultimately I have been blessed with an even better gift. The gift of speaking and living from truth and love in every moment — with all those I come in contact with — especially my family. My life has forever been changed because I’ve uncovered the true leader who has always been here.
If any of you are thinking about going to the next Program — DO IT!!!  Because uncovering the leader that’s inside you, is priceless and you take the gifts you gain with you into all aspects of your life. How do you put a price tag on freedom? On discovering who you really are?

Ilene B., Business Owner and Mother – Utah

“Skip has a way of reflecting us back to ourselves; in his humanness he makes ours acceptable. He is gently honest. I will never forget the day he cut through all my crap and looked me in the eyes and simply said… “Trust yourself.” Skip is a gift and I have learned so much from him. Thank you Skip!”

Lori Mangano – Registered Art Therapist – New Hampshire

“I worked with Skip through seminars he was leading for almost 2 years.  I can honestly say that Skip truly gave me the gift of ME and guided me on the path of living in that space wholly and completely. He is like no other mentor I have ever met – full of truth, love, patience, and understanding and can guide anyone into themselves, to live their true and full potential, if they choose. I will always be grateful to him for his authentic and integral willingness to BE himself 100% of the time – vulnerable, open, willing to share even the deepest parts of himself so that I could move forward. Thank you Skip for really helping me to live my life with enthusiasm and joy and no longer hide behind the fears I believed were real. I love you dearly!”

Susan Dascenzi, MSW, LCSW – CEO/Founder – True Visionaries, Inc.
Licensed Psychotherapist, Emotion/Vision Coach, Author, Speaker

I have attended a number of workshops hosted by Skip.  Some of my deepest realizations and openings were under his stewardship and I will be forever indebted to him for assisting me in re-opening my heart. By his own vulnerability, he has shown me the strength in being so!

Donald Boulet, – Ph.D., C.Psych, Ottawa ON Canada

Skip is one of those anomalies that everything he touches turns to gold. He just has this way about him to be the guy you want on your team, no matter what the team is about. He cares about each individual that crosses his path and seems to have a time warp to fit it all in. Support, empowerment, creation. If that’s what you want, he’s your guy!

Julie Strong – Life Coaches International, Boulder CO

Skip has been instrumental in clearing “unconscious” emotional blocks / crystalizing moments of one’s past, to allow one to live a life of True Freedom. His Meditation Prescription tapes are long over due for those who want to heal and clear the disease consciousness of their ailments. He is amongst the greats for creating the results you know you deserve, yet they have been alluding you.

Thank You Skip for all you have done and continue to do!

Erik Hansen – Health & Wellness Coach, Boulder CO

“I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude for all the ways your love and work have been woven into The Warrior Connection. I do not have words to convey how significantly my year with you shaped what I have been able to offer to warriors, their spouses and their communities. Again, thank you with all my heart. My year was invaluable and an essential “bread crumb” on my spiritual and professional path.”

Anne Black, Ph.D.  – Executive Director and Creator of The Warrior Connection


Testimonials after attending a transformation workshop or private coaching with Skip —

I wanted to send a ” FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART” thank you to ALL the people at the event, for helping me. Twenty-five years of Medical\Psychiatric therapy along with anti-depressant medication could not un-earth as much as this workshop with you did in just two days!!  I’m not saying that I am completely and totally healed. And what I can say, in complete and utter truth, that I have never felt such a deep sense of accomplishment and hope. What a feeling!!!!!!!!  With your help, I feel as though I’m on my way. Back to my healing path. TRUTH. MERCI.  THANK YOU.

Helene – Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Dear Skip, It has taken me a few days to settle in after this most incredible, joyous discovery that continues through the workshop. I feel full of enormous gratitude for meeting you at this point in my life. As one who has been on the path to finding the truth for close to fifty years, I have grown to trust that these riches continue throughout our lives. What you have enabled me to see is those hidden corners where vestiges of obstacles reside. Words are really not enough to express my feelings, you are indeed truly. blessed. Thank you, Thank you!

Carol  D. New York, NY

Dear Skip, Words can’t describe the LOVE and my deep GRATITUDE that I have for all of you.  Thank you for awakening me from my deep deep hallucinative life….

Yiota. P., New Jersey

Hello My Dear Skip, I am so happy and really amazed.  Last Thursday after the workshop, I was home alone, kind of worried about some familiar things.  And then I dreamt of a little boy who came to my and told me I would never be alone anymore, that he would be with me and with my husband forever. Then I dreamt I saw you guys, and I told you I was pregnant. Well, I woke up crying, really touched. But I couldn´t be pregnant. It was so soon after the workshop.  Well, yesterday I confirmed it. I AM PREGNANT! I can´t believe it!! It is sooooo soon! My experience did take me to do a lot of work in my belly. So I guess I am ready now to be a mom! As soon as 2 weeks after the workshop.  Thank you so much!

Teri A.

Dear Skip,

Ever since the workshop, I wanted to write to you to say thank you so very much. It has been a truly life-altering experience for me. The first time I came in contact with your work was over two years ago in Toronto and even though I could see the value of the work it didn’t seem to work for me, I guess I was just too closed up. This time around I enjoyed the energy, the people – simply absolutely everything about that weekend was magical.

My life is rather difficult – as it is for many of us – daily survival as a single mom with no support and family is a constant stressor. I often felt that Source must have forgotten about me. Since the Journey weekend I have this constant glow in my heart – for the first time in my life I can feel my heart and I feel happy despite my current circumstances. First I worried that it will leave after a while, but I still feel it and I feel so alive. I can’t tell you how very, very grateful I am to you for letting me participate here in Ottawa.

You and the work have made such a difference in my life and I wanted to let you know that I am so very grateful and I appreciate all the work that you are doing. From my open heart I’d like to say THANK YOU!!

Pia A., Ottawa Canada

Dearest Skip,

I searched this whole lifetime for who I am, for the definition of my beliefs, for the direction of my life.  I traveled to India and back again. I meditated… not successfully.  I searched for spiritual and emotional soundness, always under a pall of depression.  I was considered a spiritual teacher by some and knew it was a lie.  I have a masters in psych and multiple certifications in life coaching and NLP. Yet as much as I wanted to serve and help, I could not bring myself to work with people.  There was not a degree that would lessen the fear that I was not enough for them.  (I wasn’t.  I didn’t realize it wasn’t about me.)  The further I searched the more discouraged I became with tremendous feelings of failure, of being lost and mostly of grief for not being who I knew I could be.

The process of experiencing and living the work has given me life. I have found peace and appreciation for who I am and where I am.  I have self-confidence for the first time in my life.  It has allowed me to choose how to define myself in this life and to be that.  How powerful that has been for me.  I am no longer trying but doing.  I am no longer searching but living.  And I look forward to each day’s growth with the knowing that this only gets better.

Life is good.  Thank you Skip for your desire of healing and what it has brought to this one person. With great love and respect,

Vicki L., West Palm Beach, Florida

“What I received was beyond my wildest dreams.

Patricia R., Aumsville, OR

“I was wondering “why did you sign up for this seminar.”  I almost cancelled.  My thinking mind was saying… “you’re doing a detox program, why are you going to overwhelm yourself.”  Well I told my thinking mind to take a back seat because “my soul was in charge for the next 30-days.”  I was already working the program and didn’t know it.  Divine Grace prepared me to get here way before my thinking mine knew what was going.  I am so GRATEFUL!”

Encita G., The Woodlands, TX

“Wow!  My world just got rocked.  This is the holy grail of HEALING workshops.”

Elise P., Woodstock NY

“I am having a hard time trying to find words to try and explain my feelings about this workshop and the main reoccurring words are – thank you.  Thank you for the experience.  Thank you for the opportunity.  Thank you for the gift. Thank you to all the people that were here. I now believe that it is not possible to be impossible…  This class has so much information in it that I was sitting there thinking sometimes that there is no way that I am learning all this until Skip started asking questions and I could just rattle off the answers like I had been working with it for years not hours but that is the beauty of the whole thing.  How crazy is that?

Corey C., Battle Creek, MI

“This level of change is precious and rare.”

Dr. Thomas M., MD. Chelsea Ontario, Canada

“My wife and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday.  We normally go to a beach in the south.  But we did the workshop instead.  It was an anniversary we will carry and live the rest of our lives.  It brought us closer together than any sunny beach. Thank you.”

Tom D., Detroit MI  

“Amazing! Utterly life changing for me both physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Helped me to find myself and the overwhelming love that exists in me.  Helped me to realize my power in healing others and what my life’s purpose will be here in this lifetime.  Helped me to completely heal and release all emotions that were judgmental and self-critical to myself and realize my true loving being. So much physical and emotional healing has taken place because of the workshop and I’m so grateful for that.  I am now ready to take on the second part of my journey in life with nothing but love and self-confidence!  So thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Kelly M.

“I have never felt this ‘alive’ in my life – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ted B., Detroit MI

“It was great for me. This is the second time to take it and I was not expecting to go so deep, but I did receive a lot of healing and awareness.  The pain in my neck/throat area I came with was about 85% healed yesterday and I today I test at 97% healed.  So tomorrow or maybe naturally is will go to 100%”

Elizabeth C., Elizabeth, NJ  

“Absolutely life changing experience.  So very helpful and practical.  I haven’t felt this good in so long.  So completely clear.  It is so hard to put it into words the awesomeness of this experience and what it has done for me.  All I know I can say is I am so thankful to have been here.”

Alecia, New York, NY

“I was able to open and address issues I have never been able to talk to anyone about.”

Joan, New York, NY

“Wow! Wow! Wow! This workshop far exceeded anything I could have expected.  I am in awe of not only the healing, but also the education and tools I am leaving here with.”

Caly L., Fairfield, NJ

“I came expecting some good tips and ideas and wisdom but NEVER did I expect the process that would take place for me after 43 years of avoiding and not believing it could happen.  This was “it”.  This was the source I have been looking for for sooooo long!  I am free… free to live, love, fly…soar, dance, cry, heal, believe, create, heal gain and again and be one with the universe and god once again.”

Tammy A., Boston, MA

“I know that I can stop “searching” on the outside and just look inside – something I have always known, however I just see clearer now.”

Jonathon H., Secaucus, NJ  

“The workshop has been life changing. It is amazing the results I am beginning to sense.”

Janis M., Houston TX  

“I have done a very lot of workshops and retreats, etc.  And this is the most important work I have ever experienced.  Everything was outstanding.”

Maria M., Los Angeles, CA

“This has been the most liberating experience of my life.”

Mark O., San Diego, CA

“My eyes are open wider than yesterday, my hearing has been restored to the sound of a pin drop and my heart encompasses the globe.  Thank you.”

Shelly B., San Diego, CA

“Wow this was freakin’ awesome!  I wish I had taken this class 10 years ago!”

Leticia A., Laguna Beach, CA  

“This has been the most enlightening experience I’ve ever had.  I feel like a different, more whole person.”

Sarah, Calgary, Alberta Canada  

“This was another great day.  The power of the workshop is almost incomprehensible to me at this point. I am a speech-language pathologist and I work with children with autism and children with learning disabilities. I can’t wait to try it with the kids”

Gwen G., Calgary, Speech Pathologist – Alberta Canada

This workshop liberated my inner child.  I finally found my laughter and joy again.  I thank you for helping me.”

Miranda A., Calgary Canada  

“Abso-bloody-lutely marvelous!”

Ken G., Business Owner, San Diego CA

“I now have a communication platform to build my relationship.  We were able to move into the deep and beautiful connection that I have been hoping for so long.  Our relationship now has the equal partnership to truly bloom and expand.  She let me in and now we get to really know each other from source.  Thank you for the shift I have been looking for.”

Robin B., San Diego CA

“I opened up my soul and heart.  I am free to go through all emotions and not have them keep me at a place that doesn’t serve who I really am.  I can now appreciate what I go through and know it is a lesson I need to learn.  I can hold the space for others and know that they are in their own processes.  I understand no that other people’s behaviors do not have a thing to do with who I am.  I am free and full of gratitude. This weekend I fell in love with my husband all over again”

Marivelle B., San Diego, CA

“Wonderful… What a gift to the planet.”

Ron L., Los Angeles, CA  

“I’ve been struggling with my stuff for many many years (I’m 69 now) and have tasted the nectar of healing many times – with varying degrees of success but have never come away with so much hope – not just temporary elation.  Thank you so much for my wonderful “tool-box” and experience using it.”

Sonia K., British Columbia, Canada

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…from the bottom of my heart words cannot express this experience for me.  Simply put…life changing.”

Lynn W., British Columbia, Canada

“With the tools I have now and the ones I with learn today, I have so much hope for my future and I haven’t had that in a very long time.”

Tanya S., British Columbia, Canada

“I had absolutely no preconceived idea of what I would experience during this weekend. I came with an open mind but had serious reservations if I could effectively do the work. However I am blown away by the depth of my experience.  I was able to let go of many blockages.”

Sandy B.,  Ohio

“This experience has had a wonderfully profound impact on the quality of my existence as a human. I have learned a technique that will help free me from the hell I’ve been living.”

Ernestine W., MI

“This has been amazing.  Breakthroughs and awareness I couldn’t conceive of.  I am lighter and bigger and vaster!  I know my life is forever different.”

Candas B., Washington D.C.

“Where do I begin? Thank you.  You’ve given me my voice.  A loving, truth speaking voice.  You’ve given me a trust in my loving source.  I watched you take we broken humans under your wing and nurture and love.  Thank you for giving me my husband back. I am blessed, truly blesses.  With deep gratitude I say thank you!”

Sherry D., MI

“I am totally blown away by the shift and awareness I feel.  There was so much difference between my mind’s projection of my needs and what my body’s needs were.”

Tom C., Toronto Ontario, Canada

“Tonight I feel as if my life is starting from anew place and can only wonder what joyful new experiences grace will be bringing my way.”

Michele B., Toronto Ontario, Canada

“…opened the forgotten child in me… and reminds me of my purpose in life.”

Dr. Alan D., MD, Ontario Canada

“Life altering, spirit enhancing content.  Awesome stuff!”

Chris L.S., Martial Arts Teacher, Calgary Alberta, Canada

“Wow!  By doing the work we learned today, I went deeper into the core of my emotion than I have ever gone before and the results were amazing.”

Ginnette S., Ontario Canada 

“I made the wish to find my true love inside myself and I finally got there!”

Marie-Josee S., Ontario Canada

“The workshop gave me a new look at life and the potential there is out there.  It got me in touch with myself and helped me let go of my past aggressiveness therefore making me a new man.  I am 19 and I feel twice my age in knowledge and I’m going to be a leader for my people.  I now feel like nothing is holding me back and I can accomplish anything because I am in touch with everything.  Thank you.”

Arrol B., Edmonton Alberta – 19 years old

“This was the most beautiful workshop I have ever experienced.  I was so fearful of what was going to come up but just being in the energy and this openness helped me open up and let me take back my power. Today I really allowed myself to feel my anger that it was ok to voice the things I need from others even if it was hard to disappoint someone else.  I learned to play again like a child.  Thank you. Thank you… my children will be so happy so see their mom play again.  I believe this work is my calling and some was I will be bringing this to children everywhere”

Nikki M., Ontario, Canada

“Such simple exercises with large impact!  It’s the first time I looked into people’s eyes and let them look into mine.  Imagine!  What struck me most is that I touched people… little worthless me who always thought I didn’t deserve anyone’s attention. A wonderful experience, where I finally forgave my worst enemy… myself.  Now the healing can begin knowing I will fully support my “inner child” that I have bashed since… well, forever. Thank you!”

Andree M., Ontario, Canada